Course Name - Dermaplaning

About  - Dermaplaning is a luxury facial once known as a Turkish shave. it removes the fine vellus hairs and dead skin cells from the outer layer of the epidermis and gives you fresh, glowing baby skin. This is a treatment  that can be done alone of can be used with other treatments as a add on.

Course Length - 1 day

Cost - £250

    Deposit     - £100 (Taken Of Course Cost)
Date - Please contact direct for next available course date
Starter Kit - £50 (Optional Extra)


Course  Content

  • Understand What Dermaplaning is and its benefits.

  • How To Notice Contra-Indications/Contra-actions.

  • Anatomy and physiology bones and muscles.

  • Dermaplaning treatment and aftercare.

  • Skin Layers.

  • Health & Safety In The Work Place.

  • Useful Information.

This course is available to complete beginners which is accredited by CPD or advanced level 2 beauty therapists or equivalent  which is accredited by professional beauty


if You Choose To Purchase The Starter Kit This Will Include:

Cleanser, Toner & Mostrisuer

Dermaplaning Tool

Blades x 10

Cotton Wool Pads