How Long does Microblading last?

Microblading lasts on average between 6-18 months but this depends on the skin type as each individuals healing process is different. In some cases a colour booster would be required between 6-12 month.

Does Microblading Hurt?

Every clients pain barrier is different so I am unable to state whether it does or it doesn't hurt. Some clients find no pain but find it uncomfortable where others find nothing atal. I try my best to make every procedure pain free by giving the option of applying anaesthetic cream prior to treatment although this shouldn't always be necessary.

How Long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes anything between 1 and 2 hours of your time. This is split into two separate procedures to allow healing. The first initial treatment takes the longest due to involving getting the perfect shapes and colour. The second treatment is done between 4-8 weeks after which takes around half the time of the first one.

How Long is the healing time?

After the first initial treatment your healing should take around 4-6 weeks and this is when you would return for your second half of your treatment. After Second Treatment It Takes around 8 weeks for your results to show.

How do I know what shape to have?

Its your image so I will try my best to meet your needs although i would be recommending a unique look as I would create a shape that's perfect for your face and brow bone structure.

When will I see my final results?

You will see your final result more clearly after the second part of the treatment although I would recommend waiting at least 4-8 weeks after before looking at them as your final result. As sometimes the colour made fade and reappear throughout the healing process.

How do I look after my

Area Of Treatment?

Can I have microblading

while pregnant?

A aftercare cream and sheet will be given to you on your first initial treatment and will explain the ins and outs of how to look after your Treatment Area through out the healing process.

Unfortunately I would not recommend anyone pregnant or breastfeeding to have the microblading procedure due to it being a semi permanent tattoo.

What Hair Extensions Can I have?

Everyones hair is unique and different methods would work in different types of hair depending on the condition and the length. A free consultation will be booked in to discuss this.

How Long Does Botox Injections Take To Work?

Once Botox injections have been done it can take up to 2 weeks to see the results. A Small free top up is available after 2 weeks if an area needs a slight touch up.

Does Botox Injections Hurt?

Everyone's Pain barrier is different although due to the procedure being complete within a 10 minute appointment previous clients have no heavy discomfit throughout.

How Much Filler Do I Have In My Lips?

Dermal fillers starts at 0.55mil which is the least you can have in one sitting. Some clients have had up to 2.2mil in one sitting. Everyone person is unique on how much filler they have depending on the look outcome they want. A Free consultation is available which can be offered on the same day as the procedure to get a good understanding of how filler works.

How Long Does Dermal Filler Last?

Its hard to say on a guaranteed timescale as filler is a foreign body and your body has to get familiar to be able to hold the filler for long periods of time meaning, the first couple of times having filler will dissolve a lot quicker. Although this is not always the case and some people can get up to 6 months out of the first treatment.

How Often Can I have Dermal Filler?

Depending on the look you require it may take a build up of filler to achieve that. Due to the heeling process of dermal fillers you must wait 2 weeks prior to having the first treatment before topping up with more.