Fibre blast treatment is known as a minimal invasive non surgical blepharoplasty.  This treatment is well known to Rejuvenate and tighten the skin without the need for surgery. Our fibre blast machine hits the skin with small laser spots which causes instant contractions of skin fibres which then creates skin tightening. Fibroblast uses sublimation, which is the chemical process of turning a solid straight into a gas without it being liquid at any point, which allows for instant results. It prevents any damage occurring to the surrounding skin and eliminates the risk of tissue damage. Equally, the device uses plasma instead of electrical currents, allowing for Fibroblast treatment to be significantly more long-lasting than its competitors. Most people choose to have this procedure to help with loose skin such as droopy eyelids, scaring, skin tags or skin pigmentation. The procedure is can take up to 1 hour to achieve depending on the area we work on. Just like any advanced treatment sessions will be required for ultimate results. Results are usually instant and can last up to 3 years and sometimes can be permanent.


Fibreblast is a non surgical procedure that help rejuvenate and tightens skin. It is known to help the following:

  • Tights upper and lower saggy eyelids.

  • Skin Leisons, Such as skin tags, moles and warts.

  • Unwanted facial wrinkles such as deep frown lines, necks lines and crows feet.

  • Skin pigmentation such as freckles, ageing spots and sun exposure marks.

  • Obvious scaring such as acne scars, postnatal scaring and stretch marks.



Under eye/Crows feet - £99

Hooded Eyelid - £125

Jowel Area - £125

Under Chin - £125

Bingo Wings - £150

Stomach Area - £150

Knees - £150-£225

Front of Neck - £199

Skin tag removal - £25