Hyaluron Pen

Our Hyaluron Pen no-needle filler treatment allows us to create natural looking results whether you are looking for some new luscious lips or to add some contouring filler to your cheeks. To carry out this treatment, we use a pressurised device to implant filler into the skin without the use of needles. This presents our Hyaluron Pen treatment as a great alternative to those clients who perhaps have a fear of needles or the pain and trauma that comes with using needle injectable fillers. Our treatment works very superficially only working within the epidermis and the first few layers of the dermis, allowing for a very natural looking result. Although our Hyaluron Pen no-needle filler device injects filler into the skin differently to the way in which a needle would, we are still able to fully control the amount of product injected into the skin. 

Hyaluron Pen

This treatment is often described as being virtually pain-free will only minimal trauma present after the treatment meaning any type of pre-numbing products are not required! There is no down-time at all with this treatment so you are able to return to your normal lifestyle immediately afterwards. Due to us being able to control the product the price depends on the amount of filler wanted.

Hyaluron Pen

0.5Mil - £80 - £120

1.1Mil - £120-£150

2.2 Mil - £240

3.3 Mil - £330

4,4Mil - £400

5.5 Mil - £450

Other filler are available on request and price can vary.

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