Lip Enhancement

Lip filler injection is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that is performed by a practitioner. They are injectable treatments that can add volume and definition to the lips, improve lip symmetry and treat vertical lip lines. This type of filler is based on hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring sugar found in the body. There is different types of filler used, although we work with 2 of the most popular filler brands in the UK that are CE approved. There is different techniques you can have with lip augmentation to give you different end results, our practitioner will sit with you before your procedure and discuss the best method to use, although it is entirely down to you with our expertise advice. Where is is natural, russian, HD, Doll lips we can achieve it.

Natural Enhancement 

A Natural Lip enhancement gives you the defined shape and volume on your natural lip line. Which would be subtle but noticeable results. With fillers you can work with your lips to create your perfect finished look. Lip fillers are minimal pain with topical aesthetic applied prior to procedure.

Russian Lips

The technique produces extra volume in the body of the lip with zero chance of migration (product sitting above lip). It can be used to create an intentional plumpness or to give a supermodel natural fullness. The procedure is perfect for those who want the bigger high impact volume look.

Microdroplet/Tenting Lips

Microdroplet lips is just a different technique used. It is ideal for those who have a smaller lip who are looking to create bigger surfaces without the pout look - known as b stung.

Tenting lip technique is perfect for those who would like a uplift result to give a beautiful larger surface. known as doll lips.


Lip Filler

0.5Mil - £80 - £120

1.1Mil - £120-£150

Price depends on product used