One of the immediate benefits of massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calm. This occurs because the massage prompts the release of endorphins which is the brain that produce feelings of well being. Levels of stress hormones such as adrenalin, cortisol and norepinephrine are also reduced. Studies indicate that high levels of stress hormones impair the immune system.  Massages can also improve the circulation of the body and reduce cellulite as well as any muuscle painsor delayed muscle soreness. Tensions, migraines, neck pains and anxiety can also be improved.

Full Body Massage

Our full body massage is 50 minutes to 1 hour of heaven. The lighting of massage room is dimmed which helps to create a sense of relaxation before the massage even begins. Soothing music will be played as the background so you will feel very comfortable in the massage session. A full body massage can relieve pain and stiffness in the body, reduced Stress, Anxiety, Depression and a lot of other benefits.

Back, Neck & Shoulder

 Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage is one of the most popular massages people tend to go for. Its main benefit enhances feeling of relaxation and contentment. It can release headaches and back pain and any stress and tension. Getting one of these amazing massages increase energy levels and feels of vitality. - 20 Minutes

Leg & Foot

A foot and leg massage stimulates not only the muscles, which are directly rubbed, but also gives a positive effect on the whole body. It can also Promote Better Sleep, Improve Blood Circulation, help you relax and can relieve aches.- 20 minutes

Head Massage

A head massage may help relieve stress and reduce tension. It may also ease migraine or headache pain, lower blood pressure, improve circulation to your head and neck, and promote hair growth. - 20 Minute Sessions



Full Body Massage - £25

Back, Neck & Shoulder - £15

Leg & Foot - £15

Head Massage - £12