Semi Permanent Eyebrows/Microblading

Semi Permanent eyebrows / Microblading is a form of tattooing.  The treatment were originated in Asia and is also known as brow embroidery. We can offer a variety of different styles, Microblading, Powder/Combination Eyebrows and Ombre Eyebrow. Prior to your treatment we take out a consultation and discuss the best option for you. Our artist will offer their expert advice in terms of what is suitable for your skin tone, age and lifestyle, this will then extend to the colour discussion.

A mapping technique is used which proportionally measures your face and allows the artist to create your brows and place them for the procedure. Our eyebrow treatments are done over 2 appointments. We have your first initial procedure and then you come back in for a retouch top up 4-6 weeks later. This will allow us to not only perfect your brows but assess the rate of retention of the pigment and identify if any changes to size and colour are required. Failure to attend the retouch session will reflect on the overall result. Semi Permanent eyebrows can last on average up to 2 years dependent on the individual, Although colour boosts are required yearly.


Microblading is a manual treatment that produces the best definition and dimension possible using a hand held disposable blade made up with tiny needles to create a real life fine hair stroke. The manual blade penetrates only the very top layer of the skin. And each ‘hair’ is placed  individually to create an extremely natural look. Microblading is best for anyone who would like a natural brow creation, although it is most popular for the more mature clients.  The procedure sits well on most skin types, but for those who have oily skin we recommend one our semi permanent powder/ombre eyebrow procedures for a longer lasting result.   

Combination Eyebrows

Combination eyebrows is a mixture of manual hair strokes and Powder shading. The shading is performed by a SPMU machine that inputs the pigment into the skin to create that fullness. The combination brow is a natural but fuller look and can typically last a little longer due to the density of pigment throughout the eyebrow. Again this procedure is suitable for anyone and all skin types and the decision would come down to the overall brow goal.

Ombre Eyebrows

Ombre eyebrows is the ultimate makeup look. This procedure is performed with a SPMU Machine and achieves the Ombre effect. It can vary from a soft natural day look to a sharp defined evening look going of your preference. This procedure is available for all ages and all skin types and achieves the full defined eyebrow finish.


Intitial Procedure - £120

Retouch 4-6 weeks - £30

colour Boost

(upto 6 months) - £75

(upto 12 months) - £100



Intitial Procedure - £170

Retouch 4-6 weeks - £30

colour Boost

(upto 6 months) - £100

(upto 12 months) - £125



Intitial Procedure - £220

Retouch 4-6 weeks - £30

colour Boost

(upto 6 months) - £125

(upto 12 months) - £150