Non Surgical Breast & Bum Lift

The non surgical breast and bum lift is the perfect way to get them perks without the need for surgery. No needles, No pain and No downtime. Just 30 minute sessions. For your bum lift we use a vacuum suction machine to break down cellulite and fat deposits in the thighs, while activating the lymphatic system. We then push the broken down fat cells up to the buttock and retrain fat cells to sit in the buttocks. Maintenance is needed to enjoy the results. For our breast lift the vacuum machine stimulates blood flow which over time can increase breast tissue. The treatment assists the body in the production of natural collagen and estragon. The will help with lifts and firmness.

Non Surgical Breast & Bum Lift

Usually one session you can see a result from our Breast and bum lift although it is a working process and can be Typically 2 - 4 sessions before your results start to form more. We recommend the first few sessions to be done in the first 1-2 weeks. The trick with the treatment is to maintain and be consistent. recommended 6 - 8 treatments in the first month then 1 to 2 per month for maintenance. 



1 Session - £30

2 Sessions - £50

3 Sessions - £60

Please note these prices are per area/Per Session Bum Or Breast.