Eyebrows            (Hairstrokes)

Eyebrows            (Shaded)

Eyebrows            (Ombre)

Eyeliner               (Single)

Eyeliner               (Double)

Lip Liner              (Enhance Lip Line)

Lip Blush             (Ombre Lips)

Lip Full Colour     (Full Cover)



Eyebrows Colour Boost

Eyeliner Colour Boost Single

Eyeliner Colour Boost Double

Lip Liner Colour Boost

Lip Blush Colour Boost

Lip Full Colour Colour Boost

All Semi Permanent Procedures Are Manual Done Via The Microblading Technique And Can Last 6-18 Months



All Prices Above Include A FREE Top Up 4-8 Weeks After Initial Procedure. 

Terms And Conditions Apply.

















Colour Boosts Must Be Carried Out Within 12 Months Of Your Last Procedure Or You Will Require Two Procedures.




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