Semi Permanent Lip Liner/Blush

Semi Permanent Lips is a form of tattooing. This treatment is a work of art and will transform your lips through enhancing both colour and shape. Our semi permanent lips can also be used for correctional work such as unevenness, scaring or the illusion of bigger lips. Most people choose to have this procedure so they can wake up without the need to apply any lipstick or gloss. Here at studio of cosmetics we have a wide range of pigments which is chosen both by the artist and yourself, this is decided from day to day looks and skin tone. The procedure is performed by a SPMU Machine and can take up to 2 hours to achieve. Just like any other permanent makeup procedure, lips are done over 2 appointments within 4-6 weeks apart to identify any changes in shape and colour and to ensure the long lasting result, failure to attend the retouch session will reflect on the finished piece. All semi permanent makeup treatments can last up to 2 years dependent on the individual.

Lip Liner

Semi Permanent lip liner outlines your natural lips and defines the shape. The ageing process can effect our lip shape and create droopiness, with our expertise we can correct this and reshape the Lip. This procedure is also used for illusions of bigger lips and can save a lot of time with your morning routine.

Lip Blush

Lip blush is a combination of lip liner and shading to create a Ombre effect. Not only done it define the colour of your lips but it enhances them and give them a bigger illusion but in a natural way. Lip blush is available for all and is one of our most popular treatments.

Lip Fuller Colour

Lip full colour is very similar to the blush but instead of the Ombre blend it is more of a block colour. This is a good treatment for those with a smaller lip where we may unable to create a obvious Ombre shade. 



Intitial Procedure - £120

Retouch 4-6 weeks - £30

colour Boost

(upto 6 months) - £75

(upto 12 months) - £100



Intitial Procedure - £170

Retouch 4-6 weeks - £30

colour Boost

(upto 6 months) - £100

(upto 12 months) - £125



Intitial Procedure - £220

Retouch 4-6 weeks - £30

colour Boost

(upto 6 months) - £125

(upto 12 months) - £150